Transcript Player for Teachers

Create interactive listening exercises where students can listen to a recording, follow along in the transcript, and view the translation when needed.

Example of an embedded listening exercise:

How does it work?

  1. record audio in your browser or upload a file
  2. get machine-transcription and edit if necessary
  3. get machine-translation and edit if necessary
  4. share it with your students as link or embed it into your online course as an HTML snippet


While in Beta:

Free for 10 minutes of audio content per month, including transcription and translation into English.
Up to 20 monthly active students included.

Provisional pricing after beta (subject to change):

€29 per month, for up to 100 monthly active students.
For creating learning material:
€3 per hour of machine-transcription created
€3 per hour of machine-translation created per language

Transcript Player

Please contact me via the button below if you have any issue or suggestion. Your feedback is much appreciated.